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SABC 1 Drama Launch
By Zee Nonjabulo on 12 August 2013 at 09:32 · Comments
ZAlebs attends the SABC 1 drama launch, introducing the the freshest content on local television.

Amidst us constantly bringing you the hottest local celebrity news, last week Thursday ZAlebs was invited to the launch of SABC 1’s newest dramas that will be kicking off in the month of August.  The event took place at the illustrious Radisson Blu Hotel in Sandton. Apart from being treated to a delicious breakfast (Thank you SABC 1!) we had the pleasure of mingling with some of the hottest presenters and actors who have been gracing our television screens lately. We bumped into ZAlebrities such as: SABC 1’s live presenter Luthando Shosha, actor Phila Madlingozi, who we recently saw act alongside Khanya Mkangisa in season 2 of Intersexions, (for those who weren’t aware Phila is Ringo Madlingzi’s son.)

We had a chance to chat to former YoTV presenter turned producer Akhumzi Jezile, before he disappeared from our sights, we asked him about the new shows and content that SABC 1 is been bringing on board:

“Just this past year, SABC 1 has raised the bar beyond measure, they’ve created great drama shows and have sifted out great talent in terms of acting that’s really starting to surface in the drama’s they show, a good example would be season 2 of Intersexions which came with full force in terms of ratings and just the reaction from the public.”

Luthando Shosha shared the same sentiments, adding that she really appreciates that SABC 1is doing more to cater for other talents, especially acting.  ZAlebs asked her if we could expect her in any drama series soon with a cute giggle she replied that it will probably never happen as she is not an actress and knows her place in the world and doesn’t want to be dabbling in things she shouldn’t be dabbling in “I’ll stick to TV and radio presenting that’s what I know I’m good at” she said.

There were several shows that were launched and relaunched, some of which included: new drama story “Single Guys;” a brand new season of After 9; and “Hola Mpinchi

Amanda DuPont who was also the M.C of the day looked effortlessly sexy in a glittery freakum dress and did an astounding job as the M.C she also announced that she’d be featured in one of the scene’s on new drama series “Single Guys” wearing a bikini (Settle down gentlemen, settle down).

Amanda:  “I’m going to be on “Single Guys” which will play on Mondays at 7pm and I’m going to be on the third episode, wearing a bikini [Does naughty face].  My character is going to be really goofy so I’m not cool at all in that episode.”

Before the announcement of the shows took place ZAlebs quickly snatched “After 9” actors Aaron Moloisi and Matsepo Maleme to hear their comments on the second season of “After 9

Aaron:  “Season two has pushed me as an artist to really sharpen my skill as an actor. Hector, my character, goes through a hell of a lot of emotions which nearly leads to his death, so I knew that I had to search deep within myself to be able to deliver that role as authentically as I could.”

During the launch, Matshepo had playfully mentioned that she was excited about kissing many people in this season, even though she’s involved.  ZAlebs caught her off guard and asked which actor kisses the best in her opinion, to her surprise she gasped and giggled exclaiming that we were naughty for asking such a question but ZAlebs wouldn’t let her go until she confessed, this is what she had to say:

“I’ll say that Lucky (SABC1 continuity presenter) and Sdumo Mtshali kiss well, but honestly I’ve never had the misfortune of kissing a bad kisser obviously their all different some are gentle, some are wild....I just hope I’m a good kisser to them!”

 Make sure you catch these drama shows on SABC 1 in the coming weeks:

(Started 1 August) Skeem Saam Thursdays 8.30pm

(Starts 12 August) Single Guys Mondays 7:00pm

(Starts 13 August) After 9 Tuesdays 8.30pm

(Starts 26 August) Streets of Mangaung Mondays 8.30pm

(Starts 28 August) Hola Mpinji Wednesdays 8.30pm

Only on Mzansi fo sho

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