On the other hand, comedian Kim doesn't necessarily think the singer is all that, after Dumi took forever to take a selfie of him.

The video might be simple but it sure was hilarious as you can visibly see how Kim gets annoyed with every second that passed.

Kim tells Dumi to get on with it as he was getting increasingly annoyed, he even told Dumi that he is annoying him.

Poor Dumi couldn't hold back his laughter by then.

Kim, just like Bab' Julie has been receiving a whole lot of attention on social media since his random day-to-day videos went viral on social media.

Kim who is also referred to as Kim Wabantu is also said to be quite the ladies man and doesn't shy away from showing his appreciation towards the ladies.

And some of his pictures are definitely meme worthy as well.


Believe it or not but Kim Wabantu is quite in demand this festive season and has been making quite a number of event appearances in KZN.

Cute, Kim also has a celebrity crush on Natasha Thahane, we wonder if she's aware that Kim is her admirer.

My Love @natasha_thahane Umshado

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And don't get it twisted, ladies love them some Kim.


Main Image Credit: Instagram/@kim_the_artist