Having recently gotten married and with a successful hip hop platform that is raking in the numbers. Life is just too sweet for the rapper/businessman. Especially now that he's a married man.

Love is a beautiful thing to witness. While some people are still searching for their life partners, Slikour has found his princess. Speaking on the Fresh Breakfast about his decision to get married, the rapper said: "We're all moving in life, and there's certain things that you've just got to put in a case and literally move on and do the next thing, you know what I mean?" 

Slikour revealed that him and his partner Melissa Wilkinson, who first had a traditional ceremony back in June, have been together for five years now. 

"I haven't been in a relationship like that with anybody... It's one of those things you learn in time that do you waste time, or do you just pack this, put it in a case, give it a real name, officialize it and then move on to the next thing and the next journey in life." 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Slikour