Lerato Zah

Now before people start throwing their toys about and complaining about how Lerato Zah managed to get the gig whilst the OPW presenter search is still underway. Relax, it's not all that it seems.

During the week, M-Net confirmed that Lerato Zah will indeed hold the fort as an OPW guest presenter for the December period and that the winner of the presenter search will officially begin in January 2018.

Lerato Zah

Upon hearing the news of Lerato's new role, we caught up with actress/presenter to hear more on her new role and how she was approached to actually hold the fort until a new presenter was selected.

"I got the call from one of the Executives, and they asked if I could come through. Interestingly enough I had auditioned for it 3 times already so when I was approached, I was like 'I have to do the show because it's so right up my alley. One of the qualities that I pride myself in is that I'm able to blend into any environment that I find myself in....

Lerato Zah

..whether it's a township or suburban environment, I'm able to connect and relate with people from all walks of life. So that's why I say it's right up my alley, it's my type of show so that's why I kept on auditioning and that's why I never gave up on the dream."

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One thing OPW presenters are loved for is their stylish outfits, we asked Lerato about her own OPW wardrobe as well. She mentioned that although she's more of a laid back tomboy type of girl, with the assistant of her OPW stylist, she will definitely bring on the fashion euphoria.

"The thing is, Lerato Zah is a tomboy by nature. You've seen the previous OPW presenters wearing skirts and dresses, however, I'm not a dress girl, I'm a shirt, jeans, blazer and high-heels type of girl. 

But my OPW stylist - Tshidi Molubi, she understands that about me because she's a tomboy as well so of course I'm going to wear dresses and skirts on the show but she tried to incorporate my tomboy nature into our outfits so it's very kind of her to even consider the tomboy part of me. I don't consider myself a stylish person so I'm very happy to be led by a style consultant, I've already shot one episode and I'm happy with the outfits she's selected for me thus far."


Lerato Zah also mentioned that the most important thing she wants to achieve as an OPW guest presenter is ensuring that every couple that she interviews are treated with dignity and respect for one of the most important days of their lives.

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"It's not something to make fun of or joke around about, these couples, this is their dream day and they've put so much hard work, tears and money into it and so for me, I look forward to bringing out that joy in them. It's also a very stressful day for them and I want to lessen the stress."

Lerato also looks forward to meeting people from all walks of life and informed us that in one of the episodes she'll be attending a wedding of a Nigerian and Malawian couple as well as a Swati couple too

We look forward to seeing Lerato Zah put her best wedding-foot forward on this upcoming season of OPW.

You can also catch Lerato Zah on Rhythm City as she plays the role of Detective Kgomotso.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Lerato_Zah