Media personality Lerato Kganyago loves sharing moments from her personal life for her fans, but sometimes it’s hard not to get the haters involved, however, Lerato is not close to being phased by that, with her being the queen of clap backs and all.

Lerato Kganyago posted a fun video of herself dancing whilst shopping for shades and we amongst other people loved the Dutty Wine dance move.

A few people loved the brief dance show Lerato offered

However, a Twitter user with only 10 followers decided to seek attention and spoil the fun when he called Lerato Kganyago’s dance moves stiff.


Lerato put the boy in his place, saying “...you unemployed! That should be your priority here”


You have to make sure that you have your life together before coming for the clap back queen.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@LeratoKganyago