Get yourself somebody who looks at you the way Maps looks at Nomzamo

Maps Maponyane and Nomzamo Mbatha's relationship is one of the most polarizing things on the internet and whether or not you stan for their love, one thing is for sure; they're crazy about each other. 

Maps shared a series of cute photos taken by photographer, Jay Teja, at his recent birthday dinner and all we could think was "just look at the way this man looks at her!"

Maps and Nomzamo - Maps Birthday dinner
Jay Teja

Either she loves laughing or Maps is a really funny guy. 

Maps and Nomzamo - Maps birthday dinnre
Jay Teja

But its seems as though Maps isn't the one who's whipped. Nomzamo has been caught (on and off camera), looking at him like he's the only man in the world on multiple occasions. 

And when they're not making googly eyes at each other, their body language says it all... 

Weddings with Mthiya💍❤ #LAndLWedding

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But if this young love isn't your cup of tea, then get yourself someone who looks at you the way Rihanna looks at food. 

Rihanna looks at food

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