Thuso Mbedu scores Emmy nomination

The Global Goals, agreed to by world leaders in 2015, include a commitment to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030 – Global Goal 5.  

As such, 11th of October is International Day of the Girl and as such Project Everyone (the organisation behind the Global Goals campaign) in partnership with UNICEF and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has teamed up with director MJ Delaney to produce a new film featuring the song ‘Freedom’ by Beyoncé. 

Although #DayofTheGirl was globally commemorated yesterday, the #FreedomForGirls campaign aims to raise awareness and drive action to tackle challenges facing girls around the world and ensure the Global Goals are met. As such, the aim of the #FreedomForGirls campaign is carry the conversation and the work being done towards the end goal beyond 11 October. 

If the Global Goals are to be met, these challenges must be solved:

  • Violence against Girls: Every 5 minutes a girl dies as a result of violence
  • Child Marriage: 1 in 4 girls gets married as a child
  • Trafficking: 71% of human trafficking victims are female
  • Female Genital Mutilation: 63 million girls have undergone FGM
  • Access to Education: 130 million girls are out of school
  • HIV/AIDS: Girls are twice as likely to become infected with HIV

The campaign has backing from prominent women and girls including Beyoncé, Melinda Gates, Graça Machel and Muzoon Almellehan. 

The realm of entertainment also seeks to educate and inform and as such, we'd like to shout out these 5 South African girls/women who are doing important work using their platforms as a catalyst for change. In the words of Chance the Rapper; "the people's champ must be everything the people can't be."

Thuso Mbedu - Acting  

Thuso Mbedu

Mbedu's roles always hit home - whether you can relate to her character's struggles or not, and as such, we have to commend her for continuing the important work of keeping topics such as rape, HIV/Aids, the blesser phenomenon, child-headed house-holds and abuse at the forefront of South Africans minds. 

If her intense scenes in Isithunzi (among other shows) make you uncomfortable, then she has done her job. All that's left is for you to do yours and be the change you want to see in the world. 

Thishiwe Ziqubu - Script Writing 

Thishiwe Ziqubu - Script Writing

Not many people are aware of the fact that Ziqubu is an award-winning writer in addition to being an actress. Through her work as a scriptwriter, she also ensures that South Africans are exposed to the topics they should be discussing in order to ensure a better tomorrow all while keeping them entertained. 

Lesedi Matsunyane - Casting 

Lesedi Matsunyane

There's a reason why you love the casts in Ferguson Films productions and that reason is Lesedi Matsunyane. Together with Ferguson Films' other casting team, she has managed to play a role in ensuring the productions house's projects display a healthy mix of established and emerging talent. 

And in case you didn't know, she is Connie Ferguson and Neo Matsunyane's daughter so she's seen talent up close and knows how to spot it a mile away. 

Rouge - Hip hop 

Rouge make-up

Although her debut effort, New Era Sessions, is barely a month old, Rouge is one of the best rappers in South Africa, not "female rapper" but rapper in general. 

Despite the recent conversation that was sparked about South African hip hop having nothing to say ITO social commentary, Rouge manages to weave said commentary into a project that gives you all the things you could possibly enjoy about the musical genre. She also goes hard when it comes to supporting those who are in this music thing with her, whether they're male or female. 

Rouge possesses the kinds of qualities that would make her a great leader behind the scenes of the music world. 

Mmabatho Monthso - Producing and Directing 

Mmabatho Montsho

Although many are heart-broken to no longer see Monthso in front of the camera, they can rest assured that she is doing very important work behind the scenes. In addition to her work on a few episode of the fifth season of MTV's Shuga, she also released a brilliant project called Women on Sex. 

Although these are just a few of the women making strides in the world of entertainment, they make up an army of women across multiple spheres who are doing amazing things. 

If the UN Global goals are reached and #FreedomForGirls is realized, we can have more women exactly like these slaying on a regular basis and contributing to a better tomorrow. 

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