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Sure. The mercury has not dropped much just yet, but if you’ve been to any clothing store lately, you will know that the winter stock is out! While there are many trends to try – and we will be doing so for sure – we’re glad that the trend for this last winter is still the polo neck. 

Yep! It’s all over! From poloneck sweaters, to polo neck dresses, mini-dresses, polonecks in sheer fabrics, and even cropped styles, there are many ways to wear this hot winter trend, but why not try something different?


Akedo at MBFWJ
Simon Deiner/SDR

Rather than donning your high neck sweater alone, try putting on any of your summer dresses over it, giving what may be last season’s sweater and dress an instant 2017 update (and your style options an upgrade).

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It’s an easy way of saving up on those randelas, while stepping out in something that looks new, even though it really isn’t, and no one except you and us will know.

Here are a few styles in which South African designers Tamara Cherie and Eleni Labrou of Akedo sent the poloneck down the runway at winter showcases in 2016.

AKEDO at MB Fashion Week Joburg 2016

Akedo at MBFWJ 2016
Akedo at MBFWJ_2

Tamara Cherie at MB Fashion Week Joburg 2016

Tamara Cherie at MBFWJ
Tamara Cherie at MBFWJ 2

Images: Simon Deiner/SDR