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#IdolsSA: Cape Town disappoints judges and viewers

The Mother City and its underwhelming performances.

#idolsSA cape town dissapoints

Johannesburg set the bar high in the previous week, but it seems like Cape Town couldn’t match-up to Jozi’s calibre of talent.

We were never ready for the disappointment that was dished out during the Cape Town auditions.

The judges and viewers were subjected to a string of unwarranted singers who were probably misled by a cruel family member who perhaps encouraged these wooden-mic contenders to pursue a career in singing.

Now there were a number of candidates who were absolutely terrible during Sunday night’s auditions but our ultimate favourites were the likes of Viwe and the “What is love girl” (Apologies, we forgot her name)

A part from his dreadful audition, it’s Viwe’s sincerity that made us love his wooden-mic performance. He may have been terribly out of tune and sang the wrong words but it’s how apologetic he was about his mistake that made us forgive Viwe.


Shame the man even cried whilst exiting the audition room and like a true wooden-mic contender Viwe also exited with a fart, yes ladies and gentlemen Viwe farted whilst leaving the room empty handed.

Then it was this lady...

IdolsSA: Cape Town dissapoints

On behalf of all South Africans, we’d like to apologize to this lady for the number of times that Somizi made you repeat that unattainable note. You continuously sang ‘what is love’ and unfortunately Somizi showed you no love at all.

Before we write off Cape Town as a complete disappointment it was the sweet sounds of, Micaela, Tebogo, Bronwin and a few other singers that made Sunday night’s episode of Idols a joy to watch.

When you’re performing and Unathi shows this expression, just know you’re on the right track.

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When you’re performing and Unathi shows this expression, just know you’re on the right track.

We’d also like to take our hat off to Tebogo for believing so strongly in his dreams and not letting even his family deter him those dreams. Tebogo has made this his third attempt at winning Idols, let’s hope the man at least makes it to the Top 5 stage of the competition. 

In all honesty, Tebogo actually doesn’t need an Idols title…Robbie Malinga please do best?

We'd also like to send a special request to Aphiwe's High School principal, may you please hand this boy a months detention for raising our hopes so high only to be subjected to his ear-deafening audition.

Aphiwe was the 16-year-old boy who sang an Adele song at the end of the show.

The teenager came to the auditions with an attractive sense of confidence that got us excited, but our excitement was short-lived the moment he opened his mouth. 

Aphiwe sounded like a cat that was being skinned alive. Please handle him accordingly principle.

Last but definitely not least a moment of silence for Unathi's amazing body in this jumpsuit.


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OPW: When all odds are against the Ugboma’s

From a broken cake to a near-fatal car accident, Sam and Emishang still managed to get married.


Sam and Emishang’s wedding was filled with a lot of obstacles but through determination the two eventually celebrated their wedding.

It was a union of two people from completely different backgrounds. Sam and Emishang met at a club in Pretoria & hit it off immediately but their relationship was already met with a lot of scepticism from Emishang’s family who were concerned about her dating a Nigerian man.

Especially her mother who was distraught that her daughter was impregnated by a Nigerian man.

Fast-forward to 2016 and the couple is in love more than ever with the blessing of Emishang’s mother too.

Whilst Thembisa and the OPW crew walked us through the usual format of the show, things took an unimaginable twist when the bride got into a car accident a day before her wedding.  

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Shocked at the ordeal that took place, it looked like Emishang was not going to celebrate her special day, the odds were against her and although in extreme pain Emishang was still determined to get married and she did.

We were quite pleased with the entire décor and traditional attire that the couple wore as we all know, OPW couples always nail the traditional attire.

Unfortunately, the bride got one thing terribly wrong...her makeup.

Emishang was given, what the makeup artists referred to as a HD/3D makeup.

And this is the end result of the 3D makeup..

3D make up



There was another slight problem we had with the episode, Sam in the beginning of the show had initially said that when he wanted to get married to Emishang he had to inform is siblings in Nigeria as he didn't have parents.

However, later on in the show, he introduced us to his mother. 


So, does Sam have parents or nah? 

Thank goodness for one of our followers who put some perspective with our confusion.

African tweet

Apart from all the drama that unfolded, including the breaking of the cake we're just glad that Sam and Emishang managed to get married in a beautiful ceremony against all odds. Although we also think a second cake could've been organized for the couple at the last minute. Shame man.

#IdolsSA: Singers experience a brutal wake up call

Idols SA has yet again proven that it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Singers experience brutal wake up call

Sunday night’s episode proved to be a serious wake-up call for most of the contestants, especially those who struggled to collaborate with other singers in the group performances.

Before the singers even stepped on stage, the judges had made it clear that they had no intent of entertaining underwhelming performers at this stage of the competition, and they were not kidding.

Before they could even unpack, the judges already sent an entire bunch of singers home without even giving them the chance to perform. Heartbreak was an understatement as a number of contestants left with their heads low and dreams shattered.Whilst the ones who remained stepped up to the challenge and managed to not fall under the pressure of collaborating with each other.

The first group which consisted of the likes of Thamsanqa, Amanda and Sbu did justice to Usher’s 90’s hit single “You make me wanna.”

Idols sa

Somizi was especially impressed with Amanda’s performance.

“You performed well as if it were your last chance.” He told the singer who was clearly shocked at his compliment.

However, what shocked us were not the great performances but the disaster that unravelled as more groups performed.

The most horrendous of all performances was that of Thato, Celine and Tebogo. The young trio saw themselves crumble under pressure as they failed to deliver The Fugee’s rendition of “Killing me softly" a song which the trio was not too familiar with. 

We saw 16-year-old Celine crack under the pressure as she struggled with the lyrics. Celine was so nervous we could barely hear her sing.

The performance was so underwhelming that Somizi wasted no time in telling the three to take their bags and leave.

“In the history of Idols…I don’t recognize this performance.” Said Somizi.

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It was rather unfortunate to see Tebogo (the egg man) leave he was one of our favourite and most promising contestants of the bunch.

The disastrous performances kept rolling in as singers wallowed in their sorrows whilst the judges sent them packing.

However, it was the last group consisting of Thami, Siyakha and Keagan that restored our faith in the singer’s abilities.

This particular trio didn’t hold back on their goal to stay for the next round of the competition, each singer shined but not to such an extent that they outshined each other.

Unathi was charmed by Keagan’s falsetto, Siyakha’s confidence and Thami’s ability to support both of the other singers with his strong voice.

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Idols SA thami and his group

Although the group performances were ruthless, it revealed how determined these contestants are at making it to the next round. For their sake, we hope the next episode of the show won't be as ruthless as this past Sundays show.

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Opinion: How SA music videos are failing women

A concerned mother expresses her opinion about South African music videos.

How SA music videos are failing women

An opinion piece by writer and mother of two, Charis Apelgren-Coleman about the increasingly explicit content of local music videos.

As a mother to a young girl, the last place I ever want to see my daughter is in a music video.

Music plays an important role in the socialization of children and adolescents.

We know it is easier for the younger generation to learn the lyrics to a song or a dance, a whole lot quicker than any school subject. Just think about how many times as a parent you have said "I wish you knew your school work the way you know this song".

Research from institutes including the American Psychological Association and the UK’s Home Office has clearly shown that music videos are increasingly sexualising and objectifying women.


Why am I complaining really? Women wearing very little in music videos is normal - isn't it?

If I’m honest, I’ve never really thought much about how women are portrayed in music videos. That is until I became a mother. I have a son and a daughter.

My generation is totally used to women being provocative and not wearing much in music videos. It’s just normal. But it really hits home when I see this in the local music videos. It becomes too real.

My son finds the videos sexy and cool. I don’t want to raise a young man that looks at women in that light.

South Africa has the biggest and most high profile HIV epidemic in the world, with an estimated 6.3 million people living with HIV in 2013. (Source: www.avert.org)

Yet you find women scantily dressed in these music videos, twerking and gyrating to a point that one just has to put it down to a miracle that these girls do not need major hip surgery after these videos.

In none of these videos do you ever see a condom being passed along with a glass of wine or spread out on the table next to the money and 'party treats' on display.

Just think if AKA and Burna Boy passed a plate of condoms around and wore a red ribbon on their T-shirts in the All Eyes On Me music video. That would have more impact than any government HIV awareness campaign.

Burna boy

It is no good on World Aids Day jumping onto the 'abstain, be safe' Twitter feed when the rest of the year the messages we get in the music videos talk about twerking, bed hopping, drug taking and baby making.

And it definitely is no good wishing women Happy Women’s Day when your music videos are filled with blurred pictures because if we really saw what was being filmed, the women who marched to the Union Building in 1956 would be turning in their graves.

The rate of sexual violence in South Africa is among the highest in the world. An estimated of 500,000 rape cases take place in the country, every year. ( Source: Wikipedia)

To really make a difference in South Africa, now is the time our local musicians should be creating music videos that show women as more than sex symbols, that teach our youth that staying in school and getting that matric paper will make a difference to their lives, that drugs and partying every day is actually not the way of the ‘real world’, that guns and thugs only look great on TV but in reality, you live by the gun, you die by the gun.

Sing or rap about being financially independent. Have women doing more than being the eye candy in the video. And yes, this applies to the female artists. It really is no good talking about wanting respect when your nipples are on display.

However, it is not just a local problem. African artists should be addressing these issues too.

Lyrics have become more explicit in their references to drugs, sex, and violence over the years, particularly in Hip Hop and R&B. 

I was horrified when I watched Mikky Jaggaz's Vodka and Panties video. It is four minutes of women shaking their womanly bits with their legs in the air and men rubbing up against them.

Micky Jagg

What message is this sending to our youth? Drink and be merry and worry about the consequences when you are either pregnant or on your death bed?

What about P-Squared ft Akon's music video for Chop My Money? I won't even get into the lyrics. Ok wait, I will. Just what does Chop my money mean? Well, my friend that is a good question. Chop money is the money men give to their girlfriends or wives each time they part. It's technically thought of as housekeeping money, but it goes towards a variety of things.

Call me a prude, but I am offended by the fact that money can buy a woman's happiness or silence. And what exactly are we teaching girls, especially with this Blesser trend going around.

If you’ve seen any of the music videos your kids watch you may well feel the same, but there’s no getting away from the fact that music videos are an ever-increasing part of young people’s lives.

So my plea to the local music industry: Stop reinforcing the idea that women have to look – and behave – a certain way to be attractive or accepted in society. Your female fans need more.