The bachelorette from Kempton Park has a two year old daughter from a previous relationship


The first family to meet Lerato was Emilio's family, he is a Junior Pilot that plays the piano.

Emilio was looking for a lady that has a strong sense of self, he wants a lady that is both curvy & petite.

Can anyone explain what that means?

The encounter was not as awkward as it was in the beggining,  it looked like Lerato was getting along with Emilio's family who were showering her with compliments


The second bachelor is Buhle Mtshali from Soweto. Buhle is a DJ and music composer, he was looking for a woman that is not too tall or too big, those were his  only requirements.

He is into women that chase their dreams, whtat we found strange was that the first thing he said when he saw Lerato is that she was not his type and then proceeded to say that it is not because of her skin tone.



The third family Lerato visited was Funky's family, he is a 31 year old Quality Assurer from Tembisa

Funky was very specific about the kind of lady he wants, he wants a lady that is a size 30 or 32, the maximum size is 36.

Talk about being specific.

Lerato did not eat because she said the food was terrible, Funky loved everything about Lerato, he liked her more than the other two guys.

The dinner became uncomfortable when Funky's friends called Lerato a striker, which is someone that eats a lot.

Lerato chose Buhle Mtshali and they seemed to be hitting it off with talks of a second date but it seems like it did not last long because Lerato took to Facebook with a very interesting message.


It is quiet clear that she & Buhle did not last long.

See some of the social media posts about tonights episode 

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">This girl knows exactly what she wants. You can see she has a checklist in her head. <a href="">#DateMyFamily</a></p>&mdash; Farah C. Fortune (@fcfortune) <a href="">February 12, 2017</a></blockquote>

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