[PIC]: Fan Gets AKA's Face Tattooed On Him!

Yoh! This is a bit OTT.

By  | Dec 09, 2019, 06:00 PM

The celebrity culture in America has always been on an all time high! Fans are known to display the most outrageous of acts to prove their love and admiration towards their favourite celebrity.

A staunch follower of American musician, Drake once tattooed his name (in BOLD letters) on his forehead. However, the Hot-bling hit-maker was in no way impressed by this move. Ouch! 

In South Africa, the celebrity culture has grown tremendously but it hasn't reached levels where there's frequent instances of pandemonium or craze regarding our local stars.

Hip hop sensation, AKA can officially be counted as one of SA's stars who have had their fans show their love beyond buying his music. A fan recently uploaded a picture of his arm that has AKA's face tattooed on it!

The Fela In Versace rapper got wind of this exciting honour, and wasted no time in posting the picture on his Instagram page.

''I got a tattoo of Michael Jackson ... now people get tattoos of me. THE GOAT 🐐.''
Instagram embed

AKA's (other) fans had the following to say:

Flamesssa58723: ''Living legend 🔥🙌🙌''

Siphe_Nj: ''Don't laugh he respect you that much.''

Iamruediger: ''Respect and I salute you from the bottom of soul... Salutes.''

Main Image Credit:Instagram/@akaworldwide