Generations NOT taking Nambitha back!

'Generations' big wigs have rubbished rumours that Nambitha Mpumlwana has been re-hired.

The Daily Sun earlier this week reported that soapie bosses were forced to eat some humble pie, allegedly due to a drop in ratings after they decided to write Mpumlwana's popular character of Mawande Memela out of the show.

The publication quoted a source, who claimed to have seen a new script, and who said: "It's a done deal. Nambitha will be playing alongside me."

'Generations' publicist Bongi Ndaba has, however, firmly set the record straight.

Not mincing any words, he told the Sowetan: "This is not true at all. I know because I create the stories unless there is another writer out there who secretly writes for Generations.

"Nambitha as you have heard she will be back, she is coming to wrap other stories only for 3 weeks because her story line needs a wrap up.

"There is no plan to bring back old faces. We actually going to be auditioning soon for a bigger new character and we need a new face. Not old faces."

Ndaba also poured some rather embarrassing cold water onto the claims of Aaron Moloisi who, when previously speaking of his new role in the soapie, said he "would not consider it to be a cameo role".

The publicist, however, told the publication: "Indeed Aaron has been shooting for the soapie but this does not mean he is joining the cast.

"He is a cameo. I'd really like that you guys clarify this because all shows in the world have leads and cameos, but when Generations have a cameo people assume that person is joining the cast. No.

"He is shooting with us for about a month, doing a story arc then he's out."

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